An intimate profile of Martin Margiela, one of the most revolutionary and influential fashion designers of his time. From Jean Paul Gaultier's assistant to creative director at Hermes to leading his own brand, Margiela never showed his face publicly but reinvented fashion with his radical style for over 20 years, through 41 provocative collections. For the first time, the "Banksy of fashion" reveals his drawings, notes and personal items, giving us an exclusive peek to his vision and career.

Documentary, 90 minutes

A RH Film , Co-produced by Aminata Productions and RTBF Télévision belge, in association with ARTE G.E.I.E. - VRT - Canvas,

Supported by Centre du Cinéma et de l'Audiovisuel de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, Deutscher Filmförderfonds,

The Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), The Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government, Casa Kafka Pictures Movie Tax Shelter empowered by Belfius


Language versions: English, German, French

DRIES - An intimate portrait of the Fashion Designer Dries Van Noten

This film offers an insight into the life, mind and creative heart of a Master Fashion Designer who, for more than 25 years, has remained independent in a landscape of fashion consolidation and globalization. Reiner Holzemer follows him for one year and witnesses the creation of four collections.


Documentary, 52 and 90 minutes.

A RH Film / Aminata bvba production commissioned by Bavarian Broadcast, RTBF, Avrotros; in association with arte, VRT-Canvas; financially supported by FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, Centre du Cinéma et de l'Audiovisuel de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles and VOO, 2016.

Language versions: English, German, French, Flemish.


The film portrays the Dutch photographer and film director Anton Corbijn. He became famous by making black and white pictures of musicians and bands like Depeche Mode, Joy Division and U2. It describes the evolution of his unique style and shows him at work with Depeche Mode and on the film set of LIFE.

With Nina Hoss, Herbert Grönemeyer, Wim Wenders, Sam Riley, Alexandra Maria Lara, Michael Stipe, Lothar Schirmer and Depeche Mode.


Documentary, 44 minutes.

A RH Film production commissioned by BR, 2014.

Language versions: German, English

Everything originates from Black and disappears in White

The film is a journey through the work of artists, filmmakers and photographers who work in black and white. Pierre Soulages, Guenther Uecker, Karl Lagerfeld, Robert Longo, Anton Corbijn, Michael Schmidt, Michael Haneke, Guy Maddin, Karin Sander and others describe their fascination for black, white and grey.


Documentary, 52 minutes, colour and b&w.

Directed by Reiner Holzemer and Thomas Honickel.

Commissioning Editor: Kathrin Brinkmann ZDF/arte, 2012.


Juergen Teller is an influential fashion and art photographer. He became famous with the series "Versace Heart" and with the ad campaigns for Marc Jacobs. The film shows him, photographing Helena Bonham Carter in London, Vivienne Westwood in Africa, Lilly Cole and David Blaine in Suffolk.


Documentary, 44 minutes.

A RH Film production in coproduction with arte and BR, 2011.

Language versions: English, German

Caroline Link - My Life

Caroline Link is a German film director. In 2003, she won the Academy Award for "Nowhere in Africa". With frankness, Caroline Link describes the course of her life, and her uncertainties as an artist.


Documentary, 44 minutes.
A RH Film production commissioned by SWR in collaboration with arte, 2001.
Language version: German.


August Sander - Journey to Sardinia

The German photographer is well known for his portraits „People of the 20th Century“. The photographs he took on a journey to the island Sardinia in 1927 are hardly noticed. Sander managed to capture an important moment of its history, the time before modernity arrived.


Documentary, 26 Minutes.

A RH Film production commissioned by WDR, in cooperation with arte, 2011.

First screening: SK Stiftung Kultur/ Die Photographische Sammlung/ August Sander Archive, Cologne, Mai 2011.

Language version: German.


© Die Photographische Sammlung / SK Stiftung Kultur - August Sander Archive

The David Lynch of Photography

David Lynch is not only a movie director but also a photographer. In 2009, his photographs have been exhibited in Munich. Reiner Holzemer had the chance to meet the artist. The result is a short film, a promenade through David´s visuals.


Documentary, 18 minutes, 2009.

Language version: English.

David Lynch and Reiner Holzemer, 2009
Photo: Bernadette Martial, Galerie Pfefferle

William Eggleston - Photographer

The photographer William Eggleston is a pioneer of colour art photography. His work has influenced countless young artists and filmmakers including David Lynch, Sofia Coppola, Gus van Sant, Dennis Hopper and David Byrne. The film portrays the shy and headstrong autodidact who was born in 1939 in Memphis, Tenessee.


Documentary, 26 minutes.

A RH Film production commissioned by arte, 2007.

Language versions: German, English

TV showings: arte, BR, BBC

René Burri - Magnum Photographer

René Burri was born in Zurich in 1933. Since the mid of 50s he has been a member of the agency Magnum Photos in Paris. Among his best known pictures are those of Che Guevara, Pablo Picasso and Le Corbusier. Burri travelled around the entire globe working for magazines like Life, Look, Paris Match, The New York Times and Stern.


Documentary, 58 minutes.

A RH Film production commissioned by SWR/arte, 2004.

First screening: January 2004, Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris.

Language versions: German, English

August Sander - People of the 20th Century

The work of the photographer August Sander (1876-1964) had a huge influence on the history of photography. With his German portraits, he captured the first third of the 20th century, the time of the Weimar Republic. The movie guides through Sander´s photographic work with a special focus on his biography.


Documentary, 45 minutes.

A RH Film production commissioned by BR and arte, 2002.

Screenings: Photoespana Madrid, 2002, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City 2004, Festival International du Film sur l’Art, Quebec, Canada, 2005.

Language versions: German, English, Spanish.

© Die Photographische Sammlung / SK Stiftung Kultur - August Sander Archive

Walker Evans - Photographs of America

The photographer Walker Evans (born in 1903) did most of his work during the Great Depression in the 1930s, photographing the impoverished inhabitants of the American South. The movie traces the photographer through his travels between New York and New Orleans.


Documentary, 44 minutes.

A RH Film production commissioned by BR and arte, 2001.

Language versions: German, English


Photo: Bud Fields and his Family, Hale County, Alabama, © 1936 Walker Evans

Herbert List - Photographer of Magical Silence

Herbert List was born 1903 in Hamburg. He started as a self-taught photographer in the mid of the 1920s. Influenced by the European avant-garde he photographed still lives and mythical themes, often using surrealistic motifs. The film reconstructs his life and work in Hamburg, Munich, Greece and Italy.


Documentary, 44 minutes.

A RH Film production commissioned by BR and arte, 2000.

Language versions: German, English

Photo: ©  Herbert List Estate, Hamburg

Magnum Photos - Portrait of the Photo Agency

Magnum Photos is probably the world´s most renowned photo agency. Founded in 1947, Magnum´s goal was to allow photographers to work independently by protecting the copyrights to their pictures. The movie looks back at the history of the agency and observes how the photographers cope with the working conditions at the turn of the millennium.


Documentary, 89 minutes.

A RH Film production commissioned by SWR/arte, 1999.

Festival Screenings: Int. Dokumentarfilmfestival München 1999, Festival Cinéma Alés, France 2000, Berlinale 2007.

Language versions: German, English

Also available as a shortened 58 minutes version.

Eyewitnesses - Four German Photojournalists – R. Lebeck, T. Höpker, S. Moses and M. Scheler

The movie portrays four German post war photographers and their work today. As the movie shows, none of these photographers has lost his feel for the „decisive moment“.


Documentary, 90 minutes.

An Odyssee Film production commissioned by BR/arte, 1998.

Festival Screening: Int. Documentary Film Festival Munich, 1998.

Language versions: German

Available in a 60 minutes version.

Ray D’Addario - Photographer of the Nuremberg Trials

Ray came to Germany in 1944 as an American soldier. His job was to photograph the Nuremberg trials and the main defendants Hermann Göring, Rudolf Hess and Albert Speer. In his spare time, he shot pictures of war torn Nuremberg. Ray’s moral attitude was remarkable. He approached war criminals and victims with the same respect.


Documentary, 45 minutes.

A RH Film production commissioned by BR, 1993.

Language versions: German, English.

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